Direct Colonoscopy

For those that qualify, we are now offering direct colonoscopy. This means that you will not need to have a consultation with the Doctor prior to performing the procedure. Please watch the informational video and go over the checklist below to ensure your procedure day will be on time and efficient.


Preparing for the examination

In order to ensure no delays and an efficient procedure day, it is important to review the patient scheduling instructions and checklist. Please see the link below and complete all the check boxes prior to your procedure:

Patient scheduling instructions and checklist


It is important to follow the colonoscopy prep instructions closely to ensure a successful procedure. Please see the prep instructions below:

Colonoscopy prep instructions

Instrucciones De Preparación Para La Colonoscopia


Please visit the patient info section of our website or click here to view the required paperwork.


For more detailed information regarding the colonoscopy procedure, please visit the colonoscopy procedure section of our website or click here.


Watch this video of our doctors explaining how to prepare for your Colonoscopy: