Dr. Judkins

Board certified, general surgeon Dr. Sarah Judkins has traveled the world, but chose to settle in Montrose. After growing up in Steamboat Springs, she attended the University of Colorado for both undergraduate and medical schools. In between, she took some time off “to see the world” and also traveled to Kenya during her residency where she trained Kenyan residents and provided patient care.

Dr. Judkins chose surgery as a specialty because she likes “fixing things and solving finite, fixable problems.” She says, “More women than ever are becoming surgeons,” and observes, “a lot of women seem to feel more comfortable having colonoscopies and certain surgical procedures with a female surgeon.”

In addition to endoscopies, as a general surgeon she has wide expertise in areas such as melanoma, thyroid/parathyroid, thoracic, and pediatric surgeries.

Dr. Judkins worked in Montrose several times during the past year when an additional surgeon was needed. Of the relocation, she says, “The deciding factors for our move here were the hometown feeling of this wonderful town and a unique medical community and supportive hospital providing state of the art care.” She continued. “As a surgeon I love the constant interaction with my patients and the fact that in a small town you have the opportunity to perform many kinds of surgery.”

With her husband Dr. Tim Judkins, an orthopedic surgeon and their young son, the Judkins hope to call Montrose home for a long time to come. She says, “I would like to continue to build a successful, trusted surgical group that provides premier medical care for the region and raise my family in this vibrant, active community.” Like many people who fall in love with our part of the world, Dr. Judkins loves skiing, road-biking and gardening…and crocheting for those snowy winter nights.

“Tim and I are both interested in promoting healthy, active lifestyles both for our family and for our community.  From school gardens to a city recreation center, we are excited to support the health of Montrose in the coming years.”